12 June 2020

Delivering a Seamless Colocation On-boarding Experience

Today, many businesses choose to host their critical applications within colocation data centres,  however, a key issue that customers all too frequently experience, is an inadequate level of service, lack of attention to detail and a long, complex on-boarding process.

London as a key technology hub houses 176 data centres and in 2019 Synergy Research Group sited the city as one of the worldwide top five metros for retail colocation revenue².

Location is a main differentiator in the first phase of selecting a facility, but with so much choice what are the prevailing drivers for businesses moving their critical infrastructure off-premise and the solutions for ensuring a seamless transition?

The increased demand for localised data, compute power and ultra low-latency is set to be the precursor to a wave of digital transformation using edge computing to personalise the customer experience.

At Schneider Electric’s 2019 International Colocation Club, 2019, Kelly Morgan, Vice President of Research and Services for 451 Research highlighted the shifts in strategy transpiring. The enterprises surveyed cited that hybrid IT environments, encompassing a mix of hosted applications, public, private and multi cloud, and on-premise IT, would be their main approach going forward. Yet today, many enterprises are still looking to outsource secure disaster recovery services, comprehensive hosting solutions and for the expertise to deliver a collaborative solution.

Another significant factor changing IT environments today has been the rise in IoT, a future disruptor to even the best capacity planning strategy. This often requires higher rack densities than some out-dated colocation facilities can accommodate, and according to 451 Research, in two years, many enterprises anticipate that they will move 80% of their IoT data into the cloud.

The IEEE’s Survey of Multi-Access Edge Computing in 5G also reports that via ‘the emergence of new compute-intensive applications and the vision of the Internet of Things (IoT), it is foreseen that the emerging 5G network will face an unprecedented increase in traffic volume and computation demands.’

The business continuity and reputational impact of mis-managed IT migration projects, slow on-boarding, and delayed responses can be costly for companies working with less diligent colocation providers.

Situated in the heart of London’s Data Hub, Docklands and on the edge of the Financial district, IP House operates an independent purpose-built data centre dedicated to providing industry-leading solutions. A highly secure Tier III facility with 560 racks in 2 data suites covering 14,221 ft² protected by 24/7 CCTV and additional anti-intrusion measures.

Our edge data centre is accredited to ISO 27001 (Information Security), ISO 50001 (Energy Management), ISO 140011 (Environmental Management) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management), demonstrably committed to maintaining high standards and customer-centric service.

The value of exceptional customer service

With the long-standing company ethos ‘Our House, Your Home’, customer service excellence is at our heart. We continue to focus on building long-lasting, professional relationships with clients, becoming a trusted and valued extension of their team. By collaborating and working together to overcome their challenges at all times, IP House offers an industry-leading colocation service to rival some of the largest and well-known, UK brands.

To support clients in delivering outstanding personalised experiences, IP House has established a unique integrated approach to service, formulated within their senior management structure. Re-Solution selected IP House to be their service provider and a “true extension of our team, night or day. With a dedicated point of contact and a leadership team at the forefront, it was precisely the chain-free relationship that we were looking for and to build upon.”

IP House’s co-founders have a strong technical background and undertook the full site selection, due-diligence, design, construction supervision, commissioning and operations of the IP House Data Centre themselves, a claim very few colocations can make. Re-Solution also stated that working directly with the Management Team allowed them to move rapidly, with no delays in decision-making.

This unique management approach affords a first-hand, in-depth knowledge of how to guide customers in developing a strategy, select best-in-class technical solutions, incorporate flexibility for future capacity, develop bespoke agreements and be assured of the same continued level of personal service.

As Data Centre Manager, I believe that reliability, a strong work ethic and excellent technical abilities are the foundations for my role, which ensures IP House clients continue to benefit from an extensive management skillset in which their service remains our highest priority, at all times.

IP House’s Methodology for Delivering Seamless Onboarding

  • Mapping IT Infrastructure: IP House simplifies the onboarding process in the early stages by spending dedicated time with customers to analyse applications, understand and plan future IT requirements.
  • Bespoke customer service: Assigning a dedicated and experienced technical senior team member to design and deliver flexible, bespoke solutions ensures a seamless onboarding experience.
  • Due Diligence: IP House guides clients through the installation, networking, systems, procedures and schedules training in advance for designated technical team members on the facilities monitoring system, real time alerts and rapid response process.
  • Future Proofing: A modular facility providing reductions in operations and future expansion costs. With circuits, which can be quickly provisioned and a future proofed internal backbone network, many clients can reduce their capital expenditure on new projects.

There are many advantages when relocating your on-premise IT infrastructure to a colocation data centre, however, these benefits can only be realised if careful consideration and planning is implemented. IP House ensures you have direct senior level, rapid response communication with your provider who will always be transparent in providing solutions tailored to your needs.

To help customers in the decision making process, IP House has created a complementary Ebook on the Top 15 Points to Consider before choosing a colocation data centre in which to securely house your IT and network assets. Download it here today.

Sean Hilliar, Co-Founder and Data Centre Manager, IP House