2 November 2020

The Benefits of IP Cloud Connect

Remote Working Beyond 2020
This year remote working has become an integral part of business. A PWC 2020 Survey reports 86% of UK CEOs believe the shift towards remote collaboration will endure, compared to 78% globally. The challenge is not only pivoting to virtual working, it is how IT leaders provide adaptable, secure remote working solutions which are scalable at speed. The longer it takes for organisations to implement robust digital transformation and remote working strategies the greater the risk to their business resilience.

McKinsey recommends “leaders need to accelerate their journey to the cloud in order to digitize quickly and effectively in the wake of COVID-19.” Highlighting the importance of digital customer experiences which can be deployed in days rather than months on cloud platforms. IT leaders are challenged to find the optimal solution for their business in parallel with navigating the daily obstacles of a global situation with geographical restrictions. The landscape of successfully transitioning office-based teams to virtual working and migrating IT infrastructure is extensive, complex and specific to each business. Implementing responsive cloud transformation strategies, high-performance connectivity, secure voice and resilient hosted IT applications requires specialist expertise and knowledge.

Future-Proof Cloud Transformation
According to a recent report by The World Economic Forum, business leaders continue to cite cloud computing, big data and e-commerce as their top priorities. 84% are quickly digitalising work processes and 83% planned to provide more opportunities to work remotely in response to COVID-19, a figure which rises to 91.4% within the UK. Chief Human Resource Officers surveyed stated that on average, 44% of workers are able to work remotely during the COVID-19 crisis while 24% of workers are unable to perform their current role, indicating an aspiration to expand the availability of remote work. However, one of the identified barriers to the “adoption of new technologies is the skills gap, an ongoing concern which now affects all industries due to the domino effect of the pandemic, and increased reliance on virtual business.

From a top down approach, Gartner highlights that one of the essential questions CIOs should be asking in the interest of gaining maximum value from cloud computing, making their business more resilient and prepared for unplanned events is: ‘Who are our key resources inside and outside of IT for execution of technology strategy?’ The article cites utilising employees outside IT who customise or build technology solutions as “force multipliers”. However, in light of the skills gap prevalent within the digital sector not every organisation has the depth of skills and experience in-house to deliver.

IP Cloud Connect, What is Our IP?
At the heart of business is the requirement for people to connect and communicate effectively. Virtually, this requires secure, ultra-fast, resilient connectivity and data – in unison with an in-depth understanding of how to deliver best in class services for customers. Each set of business requirements are unique, therefore bringing together trusted specialists adept at delivering bespoke or hybrid cloud solutions gives businesses the power to overcome any complexities or issues associated with remote working, accessing IT infrastructure, critical applications and unified communications.

IP Cloud Connect delivers high-level resiliency for remote working and operational continuity through our bespoke cloud solutions. Today, businesses are comprised of teams who require the secure, ultra-fast connectivity to collaborate and communicate virtually, the more effective each person can be remotely ultimately benefits employee wellbeing, customer service and reputation, which positively impacts business success.

IP Cloud Connect is an independent consortium with the combined experience of many larger players, we are inherently agile and extremely flexible in delivering secure, scalable long-term solutions to weather future uncertainties. We are a unique partnership of companies, each with distinguished skills, expertise and experience virtually on-hand to compliment your in-house team, a force multiplier to accelerate your cloud transformation journey. IP Cloud Connect comprises:

IP House – An independent colocation data centre in the heart of London’s financial district, offering secure, resilient and accessible hosted IT solutions.

Cloud Systems – Offering data storage and cyber security through bespoke, trusted and secure public and private cloud services.

IP Office – Business voice and telecommunications specialists offering secure hosted and managed cloud services alongside traditional telephony.

CXS – Offering diverse and high-performance connectivity through data-driven platforms.

The Collaborative Power of Secure, Resilient Cloud Connectivity
Our data centre is situated close to Europe’s largest data centre hub, with the additional benefit of being completely independent. With IP Cloud Connect your business can operate from anywhere, securely with ultra-fast connectivity and unified communications. We architect bespoke end-to-end cloud and hosting services from within our secure data centre which is uniquely positioned to serve London, surrounding counties, and all national and international business requirements. IP Cloud Connect owns, manages and delivers every aspect of our bespoke services for seamless cloud transformation. From physical and cyber data security to resilient infrastructure, public and private cloud solutions to diverse connectivity and secure professional voice services essential to your business.

IP Cloud Connect keeps you connected, providing peace of mind by ensuring 100% uptime for critical IT systems. Your data is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week, with no compromise to security and monitored with next-generation software providing real-time alerts directly to your mobile device, all fully supported by our in-house smart-hands technical team.

Our combined specialist knowledge imparts trusted advice and delivers the correct bespoke solutions for responsive cloud transformation strategies to maximise remote working, operational resilience and disaster recovery. Our support is continuous, we provide the flexibility to scale your IT infrastructure to suit your business. IP Cloud Connect is dedicated to establishing long-term customer relationships built on prioritising service excellence, honesty and trust.

For more information on IP Cloud Connect, visit the website. To book a virtual tour of the IP House data centre or book a call with our IP Cloud Connect team to gain further insights into our bespoke cloud solutions, please click here.