Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about our Data Centre and Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What levels of uptime will I receive?

Our Tier III design and EN50600 accredited Data Centre delivers redundant paths for power, cooling and connectivity. Serving all critical areas of the Data Centre, this enables every component of the system to be shut down for maintenance or repair without impacting the overall operation. We guarantee 99.999% uptime.


Can I access my equipment?

Customers own the equipment they place in our Data Centre and have access to it 24 hours a day. Our dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC) portal provides our customers with a management system for their Data Centre Access and Support requests. We guarantee authorised access within the hour.


How does connectivity work?

From small scale 10Mbps copper (Cat6A) to large capacity 100Gbps Fibre (MTP®) requirements, you can access a range of ultra-fast, low latency, globally connected cloud and connectivity services at our Carrier Neutral Data Centre. Delivered over the world leading fibre networks, were proud to offer access to the No.1 ranked Global Internet Backbone, since 2017. Our zoned internal cabling infrastructure is built from flexible, high quality, British-manufactured, high density solutions. Our customers can rely on rich and diverse Tier I and II services at our Data Centre.


Can you rack my equipment?

IP House Smart Hands will act as an extension of your team. Whether its racking and stacking, or configuring equipment that you send to us, you can rest assured that our experienced professionals will have you covered.


Is the data centre secure?

Our Facility is protected with advanced security systems with access being restricted to selected and approved personnel only. The purpose-built structure benefits from the omission of windows, greatly reducing the potential risk of intrusion and increasing privacy and anonymity. Your assets are protected by 24-hour surveillance from extensive internal and external IP CCTV, including ANPR, Grade III intruder detection systems, anti-climb perimeters and IP Access Control at every ingress and egress. We use traditional, robust and proven FM-200 Fire suppression systems. Our systems have been designed by industry experts, taking into consideration vital noise decibel levels at discharge, to protect vulnerable IT equipment, such as disk platters, that may cause irreversible damage. Multiple levels of detection are in place to protect your equipment that can alert our operators in the very first instance.


How is my rack secured?

IP House Rack Footprints are all private and secured. We can provide various optional security measures such as Combination Locks, RFID Readers, and Biometric Scanners. You can even remotely control access to your rack. In addition to this, there are many localised sensors for enhanced security that can also be added, from particle and vibration sensing, to temperature and fluid detection.


What size racks do you offer?

IP House currently offer Quarter (11U) and Half (22U) Rack Footprints along with our standard Full (48U) offerings.


What if I need emergency assistance?

We offer a comprehensive support service covering the management of onsite tasks, procedures and fault reporting. Certified technicians are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can be safe in the knowledge that all of your services, no matter how large or small, are in the hands of our experienced professionals, who will always act as an extension of your team.


Can I remotely access my rack information?

IP House can provide our Insights Portal, which you can use for a full suite of Environmental Monitoring in a single pane, user-friendly platform. The available reporting will be comprised of the standard and optional devices and features you have opted for within your Rack Footprint.


How is power fed to my rack?

All Rack Footprints are supplied with A + B Diverse Power as standard. Intelligent, Metered and Switched APC Rack PDU’s are provided in dual configuration.


Can you manage my colocation service?

Yes. We can work with you to create, migrate or expand managed services at our Data Centre. Managed Services are bespoke and we can work with you to fulfil your requirements.


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