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  • 19 May 2020

    Remote Resiliency: Must Haves To Make Your Business More Secure

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    In Gartner’s 2019-2020 Top Insights for the C-Suite, analysis of near 1,000 organisations highlighted those that lost ground temporarily impacting revenue and profits after experiencing a severe crisis also found it harder to run and grow their business going forward. Moreover, ‘Fit enterprises increased their revenue at a compound annual growth rate of 5% over…

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  • 5 May 2020

    Welcome to IP House

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    Located in the heart of London’s Data Hub, Docklands, where we can deliver bespoke solutions to cater for your specific needs. Our London Docklands Facility has over 500 Racks across 2 Data Suites. The Data Centre operates elite technologies for power, cooling, security and communications, to deliver an efficient solution for our clients. Our Colocation…

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  • 30 March 2020

    Premium Grade Connectivity at IP House

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    MTP® – Premium Grade Connectivity at IP House The MTP connector, a registered trademark of US Conec. A high performance MPO connector with precision engineering it provides vast improvements for optical and mechanical performance against generic MPO connectors. The MTP connector is in complete compliance with all MPO connectors and is 100% inter-mateable. The use…

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  • 30 March 2020


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    The Colocation SolutionPaul Gillen writes for Data Center Frontier. Colocation facilities can be valuable partners in reducing IT costs, improving flexibility and creatingrobust, highly available infrastructure that connects seamlessly to multiple clouds. Colocationfacilities provided not only rapid setup in professionally managed data centers, but also reliable on-ramps to the internet through shared high-speed pipes. With…

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  • 10 October 2019

    IP House Data Centre are delighted to have successfully renewed our ISO Management Systems

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    The IT infrastructure of any organisation is mainly dependent on the hardware in the Data Centre. ISO standards, provide our clients with the peace of mind, that their critical IT Assets are in safe hands. ISO 9001 is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems. The standard uses a process approach and is based on…

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